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The Worthing and Adur fund is ready to pay out - Deadline Friday 7th October

29 September 2016 12:19 PM | Deleted user

The Worthing and Adur fund is ready to pay out

APPLY NOW!! Deadline Friday 7th October

Since  2010 Worthing and Adur Chamber has encouraged a number of local

 individuals and businesses to become Founder Donors of Worthing and Adur Fund. Businesses continue to donate to the fund enabling local people to manage the distribution of grants with emphasis on local small groups where a small grant of around £500 can make a significant difference.

These donations established a core endowmentfund which is held at Sussex 

Community Foundation, the income from which has enabled us to give 24 grants worth £44,247 to 19 charities and community groups from Worthing and Adur since then.”

Grants given by the Worthing and Adur Fund in 2015 included:

  • £700 to CircusSeen which provides affordable circus skills training to the Worthing community.
  • £500    to Cruse Bereavement Care West Sussex to help with a range of core costs (part-time staffing, rent, training and phones).
  • £500 to Electric Storm Youth Ltd, a youth work charity in Lancing to pay for eight two-person tents.
  • £400 to Friends of Oak Grove College to extend the services of the signing choir to other community groups.
  • £500 to Heene Community Association    to help fund a project aimed at keeping young people safe from crime and reducing anti-social behaviour.
  • £500 to Superstar Arts CIC to help to fund the Super Friends relaunch, covering the costs of printing, marketing, administrating/project management, running costs of the minibus and subsidised places for those unable to afford the full cost of holidays & trips.
  • £500 to Maybridge Keystone Club youth group for young people in Castle Ward, Worthing, to help create an area to cultivate vegetables.

“Donors and Chamber members have enjoyed the opportunities this year to see where the money goes through visits and presentations.” Says Karen Simporis Chairperson, “ Highlights have included the Oak Grove Signing (yes signing!) choir performing for us  ,inspiring presentations from Superstar Arts and Maybridge Keystone Club and some Plate spinning tuition at CircusSeen Fund raising day under the big tents ! What next? Apply now! “

For more information and to make an application to the Worthing & Adur Fund, visit

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