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Join Museum Curator Emma Walder in conversation with Photographer Julia Horbaschk for a unique talk this July

25 June 2018 3:19 PM | Lauren Martin-Grieveson (Administrator)

Join Museum Curator Emma Walder in conversation with Photographer Julia Horbaschk for a unique talk this July 

Worthing Museum curator Emma Walder and photographer Julia Horbaschk are
holding a public talk on Saturday 28th July to support the museum’s celebrated
exhibition “Safe European Home?” in which Julia’s work features.
The ‘in conversation’ session will focus on the story behind the museum’s
archive of letters and paintings, while outlining the ‘making of’ Julia’s body of
work “Labour of Love” which looks at Eastern European migrant workers and
their status in the UK.
“Labour of Love” complements an exhibition that serves as a tribute to the
extraordinarily talented and inventive local artist Damian Le Bas who
unexpectedly died in December 2017.
The exhibition features Damian’s work and that of his wife, Delaine, as well as
paintings by friend Alex Michon.
I am delighted to be included in the show,” said Julia. “By holding the sessions
with the Museum’s curator we’ll reveal fascinating stories from the archive and
explore how my work evolved in light of current Brexit negotiations.”
‘Safe European Home?’ which Damian and his wife Delaine have been
showing throughout Europe since 2011, encompasses their broader protest
against the phantom of fascism they believe to be stalking the continent.
First shown outside the parliament building in Vienna in 2011, ‘Safe European
Home?’ comes back to the artists’ home town in Worthing and with this show
they have opened it up to involve two artists working on similar themes.
I'm literally putting Gypsies on the map”, Damian Le Bas would say of his
cartographic representations of Europe.
The title itself is taken from a Clash song, a band well known for taking an active
anti-fascist stance. Refusing to be history-blind, the pioneering work serves as a
timely wake-up call to remind us that the human soul has no borders.
”Safe European Home?” Runs until 13th October 2018 at Worthing Museum.
Art and installation by Delaine and Damian Le Bas and Alex Michon, photo installation by Julia Horbaschk.      

For further information visit worthingmuseum.co.uk or call Worthing Museum on 01903 221 448.