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Meet the Chamber Executive Committee for 2020/2021

Every year at the AGM the Worthing & Adur Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee is elected.

The exec committee are all volunteers who give up their time and expertise to support and guide the Chamber for the year ahead. Each exec member has their own specialist area to oversee and a working group which also consist entirely of volunteers. They are always looking for more volunteers so if you are interested in getting more involved let us know! Email tracie@worthingandadurchamber.co.uk for more information.

Chay Took, Partner at Kreston Reeves and Chamber President: "The Chamber adapts quickly in changing times, working together, supporting its members and having their voices heard whilst putting the business interests of the area at the forefront of policymakers."

Tony Hedger, Director of A&T Business Associates and Vice President of the Chamber: “To continue to be the voice and support network for all local businesses by supporting the members and by gaining new members to help us all through the difficult times we are all facing.”

Anne Feldberg, TeachAllAboutIT, Vice President of the Chamber:During these uncertain economic times, to be the “constant” for local businesses by providing support, guidance, updating and direction allowing new opportunities to be optimised upon.”

Theresa Cooper, CooperativeHR and Exectuve Member of the Chamber: I think the Chamber is great.  It provides, information, support, guidance and friendship through excellent events, training and networking opportunities which build businesses and relationships. The Chamber has had a tough year but it has diversified and continued whilst faced with many challenges.  My aim for the Chamber is to help the team learn from and then build on this last years experiences and challenges, consider what worked well before and then help it to continue to grow, to attract more businesses whilst continuing to support those that are already members."

Kate Hallin, Bennett Griffin and Executive Member of the Chamber: "I have been running my own business now for just over 3 years and I have learnt the hard way of all the intricacies that come with running a business! I am now at a position where I can assist others with running their businesses and provide the Chamber with ideas and advice if needed as to how to move things forward. "

Jonathan Nulty, The Dining Room and Executive Member of the Chamber: “My goal for the Chamber for 2021 is for it to be the go-to provider of top quality and relevant training across a wide range of topics, for our members and for the wider business community”

Simon Pilbeam, Managing Director of A & F Pilbeam Construction and Executive Member of the Chamber: My aim is to make a difference by guiding and assisting the staff to achieve their business goals, and those of The Chamber overall, whilst ensuring that the Chamber represents the members in the local and national environment and offers members the tools that enable them to develop their business.”

Kate Honey, Mint Design Studio, Executive Member and Lead Ambassador of the Chamber: My ambitions for the Chamber are to:

  • Look at ways of increasing support for women in business (especially in technical roles)
  • Increase the opportunities for sole trader members to meet each other
  • More pro-actively support and raise awareness of workplace mental health issues, especially considering the emotional impact of the pandemic on professionals
  • Further develop Peer Mentoring and offer more options, as I found it such a useful course
  • (As Lead Ambassador) assign a range of specific tasks for the Ambassadors as they are keen to help more
  • Improve and coordinate the Chamber brand to give more overall impact and strengthen message.”

Alastair Vickers, Chamber Treasurer: My aspirations for the Chamber are:

· To Increase Membership

· To provide more Education and training Courses to both members and Non-Members

·  To provide Guidance where possible to its Members through the Covid 19 Crisis.”

Peter Webb MBE DL, Managing Director of ETI Ltd and Vice President of the Chamber: “My aspirations for 2021 is for the Chamber to be the catalyst for coordinating and initiating activities to allow businesses to sustainably recover from the pandemic.  In addition, for the Chamber to deliver training programs, and provide business support that will increase both Chamber membership and add measurable value to the Chamber members.”

Keith Gallis, Event Travel Hub: "My goals for the Chamber for 2021 are to provide more of our popular training workshops, add to out extensive range of events and to host an even bigger Better Business Show with over 100 trade stands."

Debbie Ross, Chichester College Group and Executive Member of the Chamber: In a very changing world, it is just as important to keep a focus on the here and now as well as the future.  Focusing on the Chamber Brand, developing existing local business links, continue to find innovative ways to deliver events and training and help grow a very successful local Chamber form the basis of my goals over the next year.”  

Paul Trew, Gear Up For Success and Executive Member of the Chamber: My aspiration for the Chamber for this year is to further grow its reputation as the voice of business in Worthing and Adur, as well influencing policy on a wider geographical basis through our many strategic links with business groups and political associations.

I particularly would like to see an increase in membership with an overall target of 350 members, with more coming from businesses in the Adur area.”

Sheryl Tipton, Tipton Marketing and Executive Member of the Chamber: "To work with the Chamber team to grow its membership to make it strong, solid and vibrant through continued best practice of good marketing techniques.  To support the work that it does and be a guiding influence where needed for both the team and members alike in maximising all marketing and promotional opportunities."

Executive Committee

Chay Took, Kreston Reeves 

Alastair Vickers, Consultant 

Tony Hedger, A&T Business Associates
Vice President, Membership

Peter Webb, ETI Ltd
Vice President, SME Engagement

Anne Feldberg, TeachAllAboutIT 
Vice President, Membership 

Jonathan Nulty, The Dining Room Restaurant 
Special Projects

Keith Gallis, Seagull Travel

Simon Pilbeam, Pilbeam Construction 

Debbie Ross, Chichester College Group 

Kate Honey, Mint Design Studio
Ambassador Lead

Paul Trew, Gear Up For Success

Kate Hallin, Bennett Griffin

Theresa Cooper, CooperativeHR

Sheryl Tipton, Tipton Marketing