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Top tips for businesses starting to document their processes

  • Define the Objective of the Process – why do you need a documented process?  What do you need to achieve? Processes can be the bases of training your team ensuring a consistent approach is maintained.
  • KISS – Keep Instructions Simple to Start with – then you can build on, break down into manageable pieces.
  • Visuals / Flowcharts / Screenshots – to show the end-to-end process, what do you expect to see.

  • What If / Contingency – show what if it goes wrong, how to rectify, does the process need to change?
  • Avoid Jargon - be clear on definitions, create a glossary of terminology.

  • Central Register – record what processes you have in one place, accessible for all and also avoid duplication.
  • Update and Review Regularly –amend and review – don’t put it off – because it will be the one time a colleague picks up the process while you are on holiday and misses a step out.
  • Feedback - ask a colleague for feedback – what you think can be interpreted differently by someone else.

Strong Foundations, builds Confidence.

Article by Louise Grant, Operations, Quality & Compliance Manager

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