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Congratulations to Gemini Print for achieving the top score in Europe to become the Winner of the international Kodak SONORA Plate GREEN LEAF AWARD.

24 February 2020 12:51 PM | Lauren Martin-Grieveson (Administrator)

Congratulations to Gemini Print for achieving the top score in Europe to become the Winner of the international Kodak SONORA Plate GREEN LEAF AWARD.

Clients and partners are delighted to see further recognition that the leading printing firm in the region is continuing to keep the focus on ‘Think Green’ through every stage. 

Managing Director, Steve Cropper, said “with a team of more than 170 people it takes everyone to play their part in shifting habits.  ‘Think Green’ isn’t reserved for our extensive print manufacturing operation – branded merchandise, print finishing, direct mail, design, promotional products teams are now skilled at identifying new eco-positive solutions and processes.”

All businesses that are passionate about consistent improvements and developments in its environmental management policies and actions will recognise it is many different aspects of care and change that can impact improvements.  This breadth of impact was evident in the wide range of scoring criteria that detailed reviews of:

  1.   Environmental Stewardship Commitment
  2.   Regular Measurement of Environmental Performance
  3.   Formal Accreditations, e.g. ISO14001 for Environmental Management
  4.   Eco Labels
  5.   Environmental Certifications
  6.   Commitment to Energy Efficiency & Demonstration of Positive Impact
  7.   Water Usage Reduction Actions & Results
  8.   Recycling Achievements & Certification
  9.   Recycling Schemes Participation
  10.   Community Actions
  11.   Journey Efficiencies & Fuel Policies
  12.   Vegan/Vegetable Based Printing Inks
  13.   Inline Ink Supply
  14.   Sustainable Forests and Managed Paper Supply
  15.   100% Record – Zero Environmental, Safety of Ethical Violations
  16.   Launched ‘Say NO to PLASTICS’ Promo Options

In addition to the criteria above the use of Process Free Plates plays a key role in reducing environmental impact by cutting water, chemical and energy consumption.  Process free printing plates don’t need to be developed with a chemical developer before they go to press.  Also, due to the high-grade aluminium, the used plates are ideal for recycling.

While Gemini Print actions environmental improvements, the team also remains focused on providing excellent service for clients.  Clients need effective quality at every stage of print manufacturing, so the added benefit of removing the old variability of processing standards when creating printing plates ensures that “Gemini it Right First Time” is in action!

If you would like to talk about how Gemini Print can help you gain the ‘power of print’ please call 01273 086 206 or simply ‘chat’ on

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