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Have you got a Crisis Communication strategy?

07 April 2020 2:45 PM | Lauren Martin-Grieveson (Administrator)

Have you got a Crisis Communication strategy?

Did you get the message?

As the impact of the global coronavirus outbreak continues to change our lives as we know it. People across the globe are adopting new ways of working to help authorities stem the worldwide spread of COVID-19. New ways of working create new challenges as well as new opportunities and collaborations. Organisations will find that 'not' having a communication strategy will impact employee’s productivity and reduce their engagement

Lack of direct communication with your most important assets could make them feel isolated, disengaged and 'out of the loop' from decision makers. Effective communication is critical as companies adjust to navigate this global issue. Common questions people ask when going through major operational changes:

  • How quickly can we notify our global workforce of change?
  • How do we inform multiple individuals and stakeholders about this? 
  • How do we know if important messages have been received and actioned? 
  • How can we reduce the rumours and misinformation that may cause further disruption?         

‘You’ve got mail’ 

Many organisations will solely rely on mass emails to share critical communications. Although it’s a widely adopted tool and a universal platform, it has limitations: 

  • Emails are often delivered to junk or other folders where they may be missed by the recipients
  • Information can be lost amongst all other incoming messages 
  • The onus is on the recipient to assess the relevance of the email 
  • Emailing multiple people can be cumbersome and slow 
  • Recipients can choose to ignore communications regardless of the importance 
  • Not knowing if your message has been read or understood 
  • Monitoring multiple responses can be difficult 

Multi-channel communication 

Mass notification systems that have the capability to share information through multiple channels are a necessity to organisations going through change. Systems that allow you send several communications via different means at the same time, help ensure no one is left in the dark. Instantly sharing operational changes, safe working advice or vital safety alerts at a push of a button. 

What are the benefits? 

  • Utilise multiple channels to deliver you messages 
  • Provide clear and consistent messaging from one central place 
  • Instantly share up-to date advice or change in company procedures or vital operational updates 
  • Deliver messages to 1 or 10000 recipients immediately 
  • Use geographical locations to send messages to specific individuals or groups 
  • Schedule regular and automatic communications   
  • Share media, documents and policies
  • Invite users to the official company collaboration channels such as, slack, Trello or Asana.

Respond with confidence

Mass notification platforms allow employees to respond to a specific question or report issues directly to their senior management. This allows companies to make decisions based on actual responses and real time data. Robust systems will let you know if a message has been delivered, confirm if the recipients have read and acknowledged your message. 


Giving senior management the confidence that their workforce is fully informed, and if required they have the flexibility to send follow up communications automatically through pre-defined or instant individual messages.  

While the global impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is still unclear, organisations can try control the impact to employees and operations by adopting new ways of communicating. Keeping all their people in the loop and informed of relevant information and critical developments. Giving their workforce a means to respond and report problems directly, allowing their management to make informed and faster decisions.

Locate Global

Locate Global's Multi-Channel Communication module allows you to disseminate vital communications instantly to all your stakeholders from one central place.

  • Delivery and read confirmations 
  • Quick deployment and onboarding 
  • Easy to use interface 
  • Scalable infrastructure 
  • Fully auditable and detailed management reports 

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