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  • 21 January 2019 2:44 PM | Lauren Martin-Grieveson (Administrator)

    Adur and Worthing set to mark Holocaust Memorial Day

    Services to recognise Holocaust Memorial Day will take place in Adur and Worthing next Sunday (27 January) to bring communities together in remembrance of atrocities.

    Civic leaders will join with residents to remember those who suffered in The Holocaust, under Nazi persecution, and in subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur.

    In memory of all those individuals, families and communities who lost their lives or faced persecution, Adur residents are invited to join Councillor Joss Loader, Chairman of Adur District Council, for a memorial service in Shoreham’s Buckingham Park from 12 noon.

    In Worthing, residents are invited to join Councillor Paul Baker, Worthing Mayor, who will lead a memorial service in Beach House Park, Worthing, from 11am.

    Both services will take place next to a ‘Tree of Life’, on which a wreath will be laid. The trees were planted to help remember those who died during the Holocaust and other genocides.

    The national commemoration day takes place each year on 27 January. This year, a particular focus will be given to the trauma inflicted by persecution and genocide in driving people from their homes, as part of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust’s theme ‘Torn from Home’.

    Cllr Loader said:

    “Regardless of our background, age, faith or race, Holocaust Memorial Day gives us all an opportunity to pause and remember those who have lost their lives in the most heart-rending circumstances.

    “This year, we will join in the nationwide focus on how those who have faced persecution have lost a safe space to call ‘home’. I hope that this service will provide a means to reflect and learn from the lessons of the past which must never be repeated.”

    Cllr Baker said:

    “‘Home’ is a place of sanctuary, yet the millions of people affected by the atrocities of genocide were forcibly removed from their place of safety. On this important day, we will join together in remembrance of the suffering of those whose lives were lost in World War Two and in subsequent genocides.”

  • 15 January 2019 9:39 AM | Lauren Martin-Grieveson (Administrator)

    Haviland House becomes the first dementia nursing home on the south coast to achieve ‘Butterfly’ accreditation

    Guild Care is proud to announce that the charity’s Haviland House has become the first dementia nursing home on the south coast to achieve Level 1 ‘Butterfly’ accreditation.

    The care home in Goring-by-Sea, which opened in 2015 was independently audited by the international consultancy Dementia Care Matters in December 2018. The accreditation has been awarded to two of Haviland House’s households, Bramber and Clapham.

    Chris Walton-Turner, who was Registered Manager of Haviland House until 31st December before returning to his role as a Director at Guild Care, said; "This is an absolutely fantastic achievement and I’m immensely proud of the team as this is very difficult to achieve. Adopting the ‘butterfly’ model has been about creating a calm and happy place that feels like home for our family members; an environment where relatives will have the confidence that their loved one will be ok, they’ll thrive, they will be with someone who will know them inside and make them feel connected.

    “Since using this approach the difference has been incredible, the home has been completely transformed. Before our service was providing good, safe care but it wasn’t always meeting people’s emotional, social and psychological needs in the way that we do today. Now the atmosphere is far more relaxed, our staff no longer wear uniforms, and we no longer follow strict routines. Everyone is smiling, our family members form friendships with each other, there’s lots of dancing, laughing and joking. There is no longer a feeling of them and us, staff work and live alongside people, they share personal stories, they connect, they support each other as one big family.”

    Dementia Care Matters undertake over 700 audits per year and only 1% of care homes within the UK achieve a Level 1 distinction.  The ‘Butterfly’ model is now being extended across the remaining three households in Haviland House.

    Chris added: “From a personal point of view introducing the butterfly model has been very challenging, but also extremely rewarding to see how it has improved morale amongst not only our staff but most importantly improved the wellbeing and quality of life of our family members. Our culture, our ethos, our way of living a full life at Haviland House is about recognising that ‘feelings matter most’.”

    Haviland House has 63 beds for people suffering with all stages of dementia. The relative of one family member said; “This is the 11th placement for my father because of his difficult behaviours. It is the only residential care setting where the staff have embraced him and managed his behaviours with complete success. He is so happy here. He loves the staff and enjoys warm and friendly banter. The facilities are amazing, and the staff are wonderful, caring, professional and just marvellous.”

    To find out more about Haviland House please contact our customer service team on 01903 327 327 or email

  • 09 January 2019 9:21 AM | Lauren Martin-Grieveson (Administrator)

    Gatwick Airport Master Plan - Consultation 

    You will be aware that Gatwick Airport Ltd has launched a new Draft Master Plan to support growth of the Airport across the next 5 years and then rolling out to 15 years.  The Draft Plan sets out three growth scenarios and includes details on how it will address infrastructure, the economy, the environment and the passenger experience.  The three scenarios are:

    1. Utilising the single runway, growing through use of technology, larger aircraft and more intensive operations
    2. Utilising the existing standby runway within the existing land footprint
    3. Continuing to safeguard land for an additional wide space runway, if Government Policy requires it

    There is a Consultation on the Draft Plan through to 10th January 2019 with an online form to complete.  This 12-page Summary of the Draft Master Plan summarises the key elements.

    Please do respond to the Consultation, on behalf of your business.  If you have any questions then do not hesitate to contact Gatwick’s Consultant: Jeremy Taylor, (

  • 08 January 2019 12:46 PM | Lauren Martin-Grieveson (Administrator)

    Citizens Advice has huge impact on lives across Adur and Worthing

    More than 16,000 people sought advice from Citizens Advice in Adur and Worthing last year, latest figures show.

    More than 10,000 residents in Adur and 6,500 residents in Worthing have benefited from free, independent and confidential advice and information in the financial year to March 2018.

    The most common advice sought by residents in the local area related to Universal Credit, benefits and tax credits, employment, housing, relationships and family. As many as 31% of Adur residents and 47% of Worthing residents who accessed the service had a long-term health condition.

    Citizens Advice is a national charity with local, independent offices across the country. In Adur and Worthing, the local service is known as ‘Citizens Advice in West Sussex - North, South and East’, and operates from the Shoreham Centre, Lancing Library and Worthing Town Hall.

    Adur & Worthing Councils make an annual funding contribution of £163,653 towards the service, while West Sussex County Council contributes £350,000 across the county. The total spend on the service by local authorities across West Sussex is £1,049,577 which includes contributions from the remaining district and borough councils.

    A report to Adur & Worthing Councils’ Joint Strategic Committee, to be heard tomorrow (Tuesday 8th January), recommends that the Councils continue to support the service for a further two years from April 2019 until March 2022. This is subject to continued funding from West Sussex County Council.

    The report also highlights some of the challenges facing the service, including having to find and retain 80% of its workforce through volunteers and raising awareness of the different ways residents can access the service online via email and web-chat.

    Councillor David Simmons, Adur District Council's Executive Member for Health & Wellbeing, said: “Trained volunteers are the life blood of Citizens Advice, and when considering the numbers of people who continue to access the services they provide, we are constantly reminded of the essential nature of the wide-ranging advice and support they deliver to people at times of need. We will continue to do our best to support the future of this valued organisation.”

    Councillor Val Turner, Worthing Borough Council's Executive Member for Health & Wellbeing, said: “Citizens Advice’s research shows that four in ten of the British population contact the organisation at some point during their lives. We now hope to raise more awareness locally of the different ways in which residents can access advice from this invaluable service.”

    Julie Martin, CEO of Citizens Advice in West Sussex - North, South and East, said: “Citizens Advice has been helping people for 79 years, giving advice on everything from benefits and employment, including debt management and family matters. We always consider how we can best reach and support those residents who need the service the most using all of the available advice channels, as well as through partnership locations, including GP surgeries. We are keen to ensure we take local needs and views into account in all our future planning”.

    There are a number of ways that residents can contact the local branch of Citizens Advice: in person (at the two offices in Worthing and Shoreham), by telephone 0344 477 1171, email, letter or online via web-chat. More details can be found on their website:

  • 08 January 2019 11:51 AM | Lauren Martin-Grieveson (Administrator)

    Multimillion pound social housing deal in Worthing

    Much-needed accommodation is to be created by Worthing Borough Council after it sealed a multimillion pound deal to convert a former pub into affordable housing.

    As part of its extensive project to purchase more properties to support those at risk of homelessness, the Council has agreed to invest £4.4 million in The Downview in Tarring Road.

    The long-term investment could see the building converted into nine flats with a ground floor commercial unit and at least four more homes on the car park.

    Once up and running, it is expected the new properties will save the Council £90,000 a year in temporary and emergency accommodation costs which is mainly spent on B&Bs outside of the area.

    Councillor Heather Mercer, Worthing Borough Council's Executive Member for Customer Services, said: “As a Council we are committed to doing everything we can to provide affordable and suitable accommodation for those who need it.

    “The Downview pub represented a rare opportunity to acquire a site within the town. With planning approval already granted, it represents a prudent long-term investment for the council.

    “Once the conversion is complete, we will be able to provide more than a dozen families with a safe, secure place to call home. We can also work with them to secure permanent accommodation, as well as saving the taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds a year in emergency accommodation costs.

    “We will continue to look at ways we can creatively secure suitable accommodation for those most in need across the borough.”

    The Council took the decision as it looks to reduce the amount that is spend on emergency accommodation for those on short-term tenancies.

    With the deal for Downview complete, teams from the Council are now working up a proposal to make best use of the site.

    Planning permission was granted in June 2018 to convert the building into nine apartments while retaining part of the ground floor for commercial use. The approval also includes creating four new two-bedroom houses on land to south of the pub.

  • 07 January 2019 12:37 PM | Lauren Martin-Grieveson (Administrator)

    Presidents update for 2019

    So, we have finally arrived in the year of years. By the end of the first quarter (and possible sooner) 2019 will be remembered as the year Brexit came home to roost - or perhaps not. My personal hope is that we don’t sign up to the deal (without a referendum) but neither do we crash out. Uncharted territory I know, but if there is a new referendum my hope is that with the benefit of hindsight we might make a decision based on facts, not fictions. So, Happy New Year everyone – fingers crossed that we can continue to prosper in business, be safe in our beds, and come out of this politician made mess in one piece!

  • 03 January 2019 1:54 PM | Lauren Martin-Grieveson (Administrator)

    Investing in the future: Plans to pump millions into programme of works to benefit Worthing’s residents and economy

    Improved housing, transformed buildings, spruced up public spaces and refurbished public toilets are part of an ambitious £8.5m investment plan by Worthing Borough Council, it has been announced.

    Bringing public car parks up to scratch as well as buying more accommodation to ease a rising demand are also on the agenda of the Council’s capital investment programme over the next three years.

    In a report to the Council’s Joint Strategic Committee (JSC) councillors were warned that the financial climate remained tough for local authorities but they were still able to back a range of investments to improve quality of life in the Borough.

    A full refurbishment of Buckingham Road and High Street multi-story car parks costing £5m is planned.

    Playgrounds across Worthing will also receive an upgrade, with Palatine Park Play Area, Brooklands Pleasure Park and Durrington Recreation Ground all set to undergo works over the next three years.

    Worthing town centre will benefit from works to enhance public spaces and improve facilities. Public toilets will also be brought up to a good standard following a comprehensive review. On the hit list will be toilets in Marine Gardens, Sea Lane Cafe Car Park, the Lido and the Pier.

    The vital role of Worthing’s parks and open spaces is also recognised in the programme. Seafront locations will be revived with new sustainable planting and landscaping schemes being introduced for Steyne Gardens and Beach House Grounds. A new water supply system to the Splash Pad attraction will be funded as will the replacement of the timber decking on Worthing Pier.

    The Council is looking to purchase temporary accommodation and bring empty properties back into use to help address the rising cost of temporary and emergency accommodation in the private sector. Grants will also be offered to registered social landlords to help improve the supply of affordable housing.

    A new stage lighting and sound proofing system is to be installed at the Pavilion Theatre and a new ramp for people with disabilities built .

    Fitness equipment will be introduced at Lyons Farm and Northbrook Recreation Ground, and the tennis courts at Field Place will be reconstructed.

    Worthing Borough Council's Executive Member for Resources, Cllr Elizabeth Sparkes, said:

    “We are pleased to set out these plans over the next three years, which will deliver investment across Worthing and demonstrate our commitment to our communities. In the current financial climate it is never easy to find the resources to invest but we have a sensible plan here that will deliver real benefits across a range of services for the people of this Borough.”

    The capital investment programme is set on a two year basis to enable better programming of schemes and to ensure cost-effective procurement. The £8.5m is on top of existing plans for investment.

    Funding from the programmes will come from prudential borrowing, capital grants, revenue and reserve funding and capital receipts.

  • 03 January 2019 1:27 PM | Lauren Martin-Grieveson (Administrator)

    Plans announced to invest millions into programme of works to improve quality of life for Adur residents

    Enhanced public spaces, improved housing and new Council Homes are all part of an ambitious £14.2m investment plan from Adur District Council.

    The sum includes more than £11m for Adur Homes, the district’s housing arm, to invest in new properties and upgrade existing stock to meet ever increasing demand.

    Bringing leisure centres up to scratch and upgrading play areas are also part of the Council’s capital investment programme.

    A report to the Council’s Joint Strategic Committee (JSC) warned that the financial climate remained challenging for local authorities, but councillors were still able to approve a range of investments over the next three years.

    Leisure centres will see a number of enhancements. Lancing Manor Leisure Centre’s main hall will undergo a floor replacement costing £60,000 and Wadurs Swimming Pool will have a replacement boiler and plant costing £90,000. Parts of the roof of Southwick Leisure Centre will also be replaced. The centres are owned by the Council but operated by Impulse Leisure.

    Playgrounds across Adur will also receive an upgrade, with Middle Road, Sompting and Southwick Recreation Grounds all set to benefit from works over the next three years.

    Adur town centres will undergo works to enhance public spaces and improve facilities, particularly in Lancing and Southwick. Public toilets will also be brought up to a good standard following a comprehensive review, including those in Fort Haven, Widewater, Southwick Square and Beach Green Shoreham.

    The importance of Adur’s parks and open spaces is also recognised in the programme. New fencing, resurfacing of footpaths and other landscaping will improve Buckingham Park and help it achieve Green Flag status as well as improving disability access.

    Fitness equipment will be introduced at Elmgrove and Adur Recreation Grounds. Resurfacing of Fishersgate Recreation Ground car park costing £140,000 is also planned.

    The Council, through Adur Homes, is looking to purchase properties and bring empty properties back into use to help address the rising cost of temporary and emergency accommodation in the private sector.

    Grants will also be offered to registered social landlords to help improve the supply of affordable housing and a number of Adur Homes properties will receive maintenance work following a condition survey.

    The Council will also undertake surveys to assess the condition of its leased out properties, as well as its corporate buildings to determine their energy efficiency and inform a programme of planned maintenance works.

    Adur District Council's Executive Member for Resources, Cllr Angus Dunn, said:

    “We are confident that this investment will deliver long-term benefits for the communities across Adur. The current financial climate remains challenging for local government, but we have laid out an achievable programme which will improve the quality of life of our residents.”

    The capital investment programme is set on a two year basis to enable better programming of schemes and to ensure cost-effective procurement.

    Funding from the programmes will come from prudential borrowing, capital grants, revenue and reserve funding and capital receipts.

  • 13 December 2018 9:19 AM | Lauren Martin-Grieveson (Administrator)

    Have your say on Gatwick Airport's Draft Master Plan Consultation

    As part of the airport planning process - and reflecting industry best practice - Gatwick creates and regularly publishes a ‘master plan’ to show how the airport intends to develop and grow in the longer term. The master plan also helps to inform the wider regional and local planning process.

    Draft master planOur 2018 draft master plan sets out proposals for the airport’s ongoing development and sustainable growth. In it we explain our latest thinking on how the airport can meet the increasing demand for air travel and provide Britain with enhanced global connectivity. 

    We also demonstrate how we can create new opportunities for the region and continue to bolster the local economy for future generations, while doing everything possible to develop and grow in a sustainable way - striking the right balance between economic growth and environmental impact.

    This draft master plan is also a direct response to the Government’s recent call for UK airports to look at ‘making best use of their existing runways’ and we explore how Gatwick could grow across three scenarios:

    1.  Main runway: using new technologies to increase capacity

      In the near term, the airport has explored how deploying new technology could increase the capacity of the main runway, offering incremental growth through more efficient operations.

    2. Standby runway: innovative plan to bring existing standby runway into use

      Under its current planning agreement, Gatwick’s existing standby runway is only used when the main runway is closed for maintenance or emergencies. However, the 40-year planning agreement will come to an end in 2019. The draft master plan sets out for the first time how we could potentially bring our existing standby runway into routine use for departing flights, alongside the main runway, by the mid-2020s.

      This innovative development, which would meet all international safety requirements, would be delivered without increasing the airport’s noise footprint and provide greater operational resilience.

    3. Additional runway: safeguarding for the future

      While we are not actively pursuing the option of a building a brand new runway to the south of the airport - as we did through the Airports Commission process - we believe it is in the national interest to continue to safeguard this land for the future as part of our master plan.

    You can view the full draft master plan and an aerial film highlighting the location of the three scenarios outlined in the draft master plan. We have also created high resolution versions of some of the maps included in our draft master plan at the bottom of this page

    Our draft master plan consultation document is designed to explain the consultation in more detail.

    Public consultation

    We believe the plans offer safe, agile, low-impact ways of unlocking much-needed new runway capacity from within our existing infrastructure - however, it is important that everyone has their say so we look forward to hearing the views of our local communities, partners and stakeholders.

    A 12-week public consultation is now live and includes six public exhibitions in our local area, which will help inform the publication of the final master plan early next year. Although, the public exhibitions have now all taken place, we still welcome your views and encourage you to respond before the consultation closes at 5pm on 10 January 2019.

    If you were unable to attend our exhibitions, you can read our public information below and let us know your thoughts by responding to our online consultation or by post.

    Respond to our consultation

    Your views are important to us as we consider how best to grow Gatwick Airport sustainably, including making best use of the existing runways in line with Government policy.

    Public exhibitions

    All of our public exhibitions have now taken place. The dates and times are listed below. If you missed out, then you can still read the full draft master plan online or by visiting one of several public libraries (also listed below).  


    Date: Saturday 3 November
    Time: 15:30-19:30
    Location: The Barn, Causeway, Horsham, RH12 1HE


    Date: Thursday 8 November
    Time: 15:30-19:30
    Location: Centrale Shopping Centre, Croydon, CR0 1TY

    Tunbridge Wells

    Date: Saturday 10 November
    Time: 11:00-17:00
    Location: Royal Victoria Place Shopping Centre, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 2SS


    Date: Monday 12 November
    Time: 14:30-18:30*
    Location: Churchill Square Shopping Centre, Western Road, Brighton, BN1 2RG


    Date: Saturday 17 November
    Time: 11:00-17:00
    Location: County Mall Shopping Centre, Crawley, RH10 1FG


    Date: Saturday 24 November
    Time: 15:30-19:30
    Location: Horley Leisure Centre, Anderson Way, Horley RH6 8SP


    Date: Monday 26 November
    Time: 09:00-16:00
    Location: Gatwick Airport in the South Terminal Arrivals Hall.

    The venues have been selected across the Gatwick region to enable a reasonable travelling time, both by car and public transport.

    *The times for the Brighton event are slightly different from those originally published.

    Respond to our consultation

    Your views are important to us as we consider how best to grow Gatwick Airport sustainably, including making best use of the existing runways in line with Government policy.

    In 2019, we will publish a final master plan document which will consider the feedback received during the consultation period.

    If you would like more information, our details are:

    Tel: 0808 168 7925

  • 12 December 2018 10:16 AM | Lauren Martin-Grieveson (Administrator)

    Alliance chews over two very different construction projects

    Property and real estate professionals have been sizing up two contrasting developments at the latest meeting of the Sussex Property Alliance, held at the Fontwell Park complex.

    On the agenda was the Harwoods Group’s Land Rover and Bentley motor dealerships and head office relocation from Pulborough town centre to a greenfield area adjacent to the Brinsbury Campus of Chichester College, and a rather different project based on the proposed new Gatwick Airport’s Master Plan.

    Ken Watson, Director of HNW Architects, spoke about the complex process of gaining planning consent for the multi-million-pound scheme for Harwoods – an intensive 20-month process that took account of the visual impact of the new development, the mitigation of any potential harm to the surrounding area, and the need to demonstrate a tangible trading link between the Harwoods Group and Brinsbury Campus.

    The process involved significant liaison with Ward Councillors, presentations to Parish Councils, public consultation and detailed planning negotiations and applications before the project plans were eventually approved.

    During the Q&A there was a general discussion framed around the difficulty in progressing planning applications in a timely fashion across the south in general. The discussion highlighted the fact that although those in working in the sector, whether they are developers, architects or allied professionals, have some sympathy with the resource constraints suffered by many planning departments, they are frustrated by a lack of a consistency of approach between planners. This problem wasn’t just between planning departments in different districts; it could manifest itself within the same planning department when a job was passed from one planner to another. Delays caused by such inconsistencies sometimes add tens of thousands of pounds to a project’s costs.   

    Jeremy Taylor then outlined Gatwick Airport’s new draft Master Plan for growth over the next five and 15 years. The Plan sets out three growth scenarios and includes detail on how it will address infrastructure, the economy, the environment and the passenger experience.

    A Consultation on the Draft Plan runs through to 10th January 2019 with comments welcomed via an online form.

    Event moderator Chris Coopey, from MHA Carpenter Box, commented: “Although of contrasting scale, these two schemes illustrate the pivotal role that open dialogue with stakeholders plays in the planning process. We look forward to following the progress of both projects and will also be looking to invite Planners to a 2019 meeting to try to build bridges.”

    The Sussex Property Alliance provides a forum where property professionals get together, exchange ideas, and build relationships. It is supported by Sussex-based MHA Carpenter Box chartered accountants, Bennett Griffin solicitors and Michael Jones commercial real estate agents.

    Our photos shows (l-r): Ken Watson (HNW Architects), Jeremy Taylor (Gatwick Diamond Business) and Chris Coopey (MHA Carpenter Box)

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