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Peer Mentoring

The Worthing and Adur Chamber Peer Mentoring Program has been successfully helping  business owners develop and grow since 2012, with over 100 Peer graduates.

Peer Mentoring is a low cost way to share and develop skills within a group of like-minded business associates.  A group is formed by the Chamber with people from variety of industry sectors and skills and is brought together in a confidential and professionally facilitated environment.

Meetings are held monthly over the course of a year. Most groups build a strong bond and become a valuable support network that shares skills and help to solve issues. For many small business owners this provides the opportunity to be part of a team and to realise that most business issues can be faced together.

During the year, groups are offered a selection of tailored workshops which are specifically developed for the individual needs and requests from that group. Many groups choose to continue on for second and even third years.

So how can Peer Mentoring benefit you and your business?


  • Thinking time to work on rather than in your business
  • The opportunity to explore ideas, issues and projects in a confidential environment
  • A diverse pool of wisdom and expertise on which to draw
  • A unique blend of challenge and support from your peers
  • Think tank for practical solutions to specific problems
  • Develop management and leadership skills
  • Build relationships, trust and mutual understanding
  • Create an environment of continuous learning

"Peer mentoring is awesome and inspirational, plus you meet friends for life! I would not be without it for my business and me personally!"  Helen Vane, GoGecko

New groups are put together throughout the year. To find out more about joining a Peer Mentoring group today email 

How can Peer Mentoring help my business?

Here’s some feedback from a recent group:

What have been the highlights?

  • Knowing I have a like-minded group of people who I can rely on for support/assistance
  • To have a group of people who understand my business and act like a Board of Directors
  • Hearing other people’s viewpoints
  • Great ‘light bulb’ moments throughout which have been from both presenting my own business and listening to others
  • Being challenged and held accountable to effect change in my business

What has surprised you?

  • I didn’t expect to feel as supported as I did. I felt that others were genuinely interested in my development
  • How much support I was craving and how easy it was to share my challenges with the group
  • It doesn’t really matter what sector your business is in – all businesses go through very similar challenges and opportunities

What have you learnt?

  • All business owners have challenges and at times have no idea what they’re doing and where they’re going!
  • Accountability, confidence and much better ‘business’ knowledge
  • That I have skills and knowledge that people will pay for, so not to undercharge for my time
  • Working together we all achieve more

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