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Little Big Sleep Out - 16th May 2020 at Chatsmore Catholic High School.

21 May 2020 11:33 AM | Lauren Martin-Grieveson (Administrator)

Little Big Sleep Out - 16th May 2020 at Chatsmore Catholic High School.

Chatsmore Catholic High School students, parents and staff slept out in the most unusual places on Saturday night all for a good cause. "I slept in a plastic bag and a cat (not ours) joined me" - Tom Scott (student). The Chatsmore community set their sites to raise as much money as possible in support of our local homeless support charities Stone Pillow and Turning Tides. 

Lots of students got involved right from the start. The introduction meeting went live and everyone joined to hear a lovely prayer read out by Mr Byrne’s daughter, Hope. This was followed by a talk by Sarah Dakin from Stone Pillow, so the participants could find out where their money was going.  "The whole thing was emotionally warming.  Seeing all the families (and teachers) engaged, virtually together having fun and laughing for a good cause lifted my spirits no end" - Liz Angioini (Parent organiser). 

At 8pm the student ‘Dream Team’ including Theo Angioni, Molly England and Ellena Meakins set up some challenges, games and a quiz which was hotly contested by all. "It was so well organised, with such a range of nice interactive activities. My daughter loved it, she enjoyed seeing teachers and friends, who she’d missed. Staff went above and beyond, letting Lily read her story out" - Steffie Boulding (Lily’s mum) 

At 9pm there was a scary story meet up, where we heard a very scary story told by Elliot Meakins about a rather unscrupulous butcher! It was getting dark and everyone was getting ready to settle into their unusual bed and sleeping places. "It was very fun and we had a great time listening to the stories and attempting the challenges, even though it was very cold it was a great night and a great experience" - Bryony Frogley (Student). 

Students and staff and parents/carers spent the night in a wide array of locations and shelters including, roof tops, garages, sheds, tents, under the stars and stairs. In plastic bags and on trampolines. "I slept on a trampoline but made sure I had decorated it with pretty lights. My cats joined me too. They thought I was bonkers and were looking at me as if to say why are you out here? It got very cold and I now know why quite a few homeless people choose to sleep in the day because they are probably awake and very cold at night" - Molly Gunner (Student) 

Mr Byrne the Head Teacher said "I am incredibly proud of what our students have achieved. Not only did they raise an amazing sum of money, over £1100 so far, for the most vulnerable people in society, but they also provided a wonderful opportunity for our community to come together, albeit online, as we played games and heard our students read their scary stories before bed. I would like to say a particular thanks to Mr Dean and Liz Angioni, who alongside our team of student leaders, organised the event and made it happen." 

Mellisa Cooper was watching the stars and satellites and Max their dog was guarding them and barking .  They were very cold and didn't make the night but it made them think how cold the homeless must be every night.

If you would like to find out more about Chatsmore Catholic High School fundraising for a variety of causes please follow this link

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