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Top tips for start-up / growing businesses

Top tips for financing a start-up or growing business


One of the most critical aspects when starting or expanding a business is securing the necessary financing. Whether you're an entrepreneur or a large business owner, understanding how to raise capital effectively can significantly impact your success.

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Marketing for your new business

Marketing for a new business can be very daunting and it is sometimes difficult to know where to start with so many options available.  The most important thing to consider is your budget, so that you don’t overspend precious resources, and, in most cases, it is key to consider what marketing you can also undertake without spending much at all!

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Improving your sustainability

Being sustainable not only helps protect the environment but also enhances brand reputation and saves costs in the long run. Values: To encourage a culture work as a team to come up with 3-4 values that your business would like to follow in your sustainability journey such as reducing carbon, improving bio diversity, reduce waste, look after people.  We have used People, Planet, Profit as a triple bottom line.

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Company structure / VAT / Accounting 

There is a lot to think about from a financial perspective when setting up a business.  Firstly you need to decide on the structure – self employed or a limited company.  Tax used to be a big factor in this but HMRC have closed the gap between the two over recent years.  A company protects your personal assets but is more complicated and comes with greater reporting obligations.  It is important to understand how your decision impacts on future liabilities and bearing in mind too how your business may grow – business partners and employees.

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Documenting your processes

Why do you need a documented process? 

What do you need to achieve?

Processes can be the bases of training your team ensuring a consistent approach is maintained.

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