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Benefits of distance guided learning

25 June 2020 10:17 AM | Lauren Martin-Grieveson (Administrator)

Benefits of distance guided learning

Distance learning has many positive attributes compared to classroom based learning.

We as instructors love both methods of teaching but under the current circumstances distance learning is certainly the preferred method of teaching and learning.

Benefits of distance learning:

  • Choice- Provides and opportunity to study more subjects  and reach out to training that is not available in local area
  • Flexible- Distance learning is much more flexile that traditional classroom based training. Learning who need to take other classes or work can do classwork whenever is suitable to them.
  • Networking- Open group distance learning courses allows learners to obtain a larger range of network opportunities. Instead of being restricted to network in the local area, enabling learners to make wider connections, which will also enhance their learning.
  • Pace- Online education allows the learners to work at their own pace in many circumstances. Due Dates of work are flexible and individual zoom webinars can be arranged to fit the individuals circumstances.
  • Scheduling- The schedules for distance learning are more open and allow for learners (which could be parents/students/professional) to take courses whenever it fits in with them and individual zoom webinars can be arranged to fit the individuals circumstances. This is beneficial over classroom based courses that require learners to schedule work and childcare around the class time.
  • Money- Any online courses tend to be cost less than face to face classroom based environment. There are less space limitations and materials required for each learner.
  • Travelling- A huge advantage to getting an online/distance learning education is that there is no need to travel to and from a venue. Someone who doesn’t drive or want to spend money on the cost of public transport will likely choose online training  (especially during the risk factors currently in place)
  • No classroom sitting- Sitting in a classroom is not always the best way for a learner to take on board all the course information. Everyone has their own learning style and will learn at their pace.
  • Effective- Having instructor zoom webinars during distance learning courses ensure effective learning and allows the learner to clarify their understanding and ask questions.

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