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Regular news and updates from the Chamber, our members, local Councils and other relevant business news will be posted regularly here. 

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  • 25 October 2023 11:35 AM | Lauren Martin-Grieveson (Administrator)
    Timeless Tapestry of Worthing

    Own a Piece of Worthing’s Timeless Charm Today

    A strictly limited edition of 150 prints by Worthing Artist, Vicky Anne Vaughan

    Step into a world where art intertwines with cherished memories. The Timeless Tapestry of Worthing is not just an artwork; it’s a transformative centrepiece for your home, measuring 1 metre x 50cm, guaranteed to spark delightful conversations and draw smiles from every house guest. From intricate details like sipping tea in beach huts to the iconic High Salvington Windmill, each element is a nod to nostalgia and Worthing’s charm. My vision has always been clear: to make people smile and to spotlight forgotten and neglected buildings through uplifting art, greeting cards, gifts, and home decor.

    A Journey Awaits: Dive deeper into the Timeless Tapestry with a free video that offers a zoomed-in journey of the piece, allowing you to appreciate every detail and story interwoven in the artwork.

    October Offer:

    Enjoy this masterpiece of nostalgia with elegance for £450. Normal price from 1st November is £550.

    Two Exclusive Offers for Chamber Members:

    • To add a personal touch, Chamber members can have their workplace or home incorporated into the artwork for an additional £425, weaving together our individual and community tales.
    • Purchases made through my website come with a special 10% discount using the code WACTTW10%-2023.

  • 17 October 2023 12:21 PM | Anonymous

    Carpenter Box expands its Brighton operation

    Leading Sussex and South East accountancy firm, Carpenter Box, is expanding its presence in Brighton to meet growing demand for its tax and finance services.

    The firm, which also has offices in Worthing, Crawley, Chichester and London, moved to shared office space in Brighton in April 2019, but has now opened dedicated premises for the 20-strong team based in the city offering advice to companies and individuals.

    The new office will help Carpenter Box grow the client base for its tax, accountancy, business advice and wealth management services for High Net Worth individuals. In addition, the location will help the firm expand the reach of its StarBox brand, which provides specialist accountancy and business advice to new media entrepreneurs, including app and game developers.

    The Brighton office is led by Stuart Noakes, Partner & Head of Tax Services at Carpenter Box, who commented: “Brighton is home to so many great businesses and entrepreneurs and we’re delighted to be a growing part of that community.

    “The city provides a really vibrant location for our accountancy and wealth management services, and it’s the perfect home for our StarBox team, who provide new media companies and digital platform content creators with the expert finance and tax advice they need.”

    Carpenter Box employs around 225 Partners and staff across its five offices and is celebrating 100 years in business in 2023.

  • 11 October 2023 12:03 PM | Anonymous

    Kreston Reeves celebrates double award win at the Accounting Excellence Awards 2023

    Accountants, business, and wealth advisers Kreston Reeves is celebrating winning two awards at the Accounting Excellence Awards 2023 and being a finalist in a third category.

    The firm won:

    • AccountingWEB Pride Award – ESG (a new category for 2023)
    • And, Progressive Audit Firm of the Year

    The firm was also a finalist in the Large firm of the Year category, receiving a special commendation again this year following winning the award for the last three consecutive years.

    Jennifer Williamson, Partner and Head of Culture and Values at Kreston Reeves, comments: “We are absolutely delighted to have won the new ESG award. It means a lot to us as it was in recognition of our journey to being a purpose-driven firm and a B Corp and all our people are integral to this journey. Our focus on this is important to our clients and our teams, so we are very proud that this hard work and commitment has been recognised in this new award for the industry.”

    Michael Cook, Partner and Head of Audit at Kreston Reeves, comments: “I’m so proud of our Audit team for winning Progressive Audit Firm of the Year! This award not only recognises the innovation and quality of our audit work but also our focus on people and collaboration which gives us a clear understanding of our clients and their businesses.”

    Andrew Griggs, Senior Partner at Kreston Reeves, comments: “Congratulations and thank you to everyone at Kreston Reeves for achieving these awards for our firm. It was our second double award win in just a few days which is fantastic recognition for our teams. Our people’s collective efforts, having a clear strategy driven by our purpose and the collaborative evolution of our firm’s offering makes us stand out in the accountancy profession. I’m truly ecstatic of what all our people have achieved together.”

  • 11 October 2023 11:13 AM | Anonymous

    Market Commentary from George Square Financial Management in conjunction with Albemarle Street Partners

    Short-term problems and long-term transformation 

    This month focuses on the usual short-term challenges that markets are encountering as central banks wrestle with when to stop raising interest rates. But we also take a step back and look out to the long-term to examine how the artificial intelligence revolution could drive portfolio returns over the next decade.  

    The key, we are told, to learning to ride a bike is to stare into the distance and not down at the wobbly wheel in front of us. However, this is a hard thing to do on those early, frightening journeys. 

    Today, if we stare down at the markets right in front of us, we see a wobbly wheel. Central banks are seeking to navigate the peak in interest rates. Whilst there is evidence inflation is falling, which enables them to lower rates again, they cannot take this action until they are sure the inflationary enemy is driven away. They are, after all, seeking the most elusive of economic phenomenon, a ‘soft landing’. This is a situation where rates rise enough to bring down inflation without causing a recession.  

    The US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England decided to take a ‘wait and see’ approach in September.  Both central banks highlighted continued vigilance as they kept policy rates unchanged.  

    However, the Federal Reserve went further and hinted at another rate increase by year end. This took investors by surprise and bonds sold off in recognition. 

    The US economy has shown remarkable resilience in the face of tighter monetary policy, with strong job creation and consumer spending keeping GDP growth positive even as inflation remains high.  


    This stands in contrast to Europe and the UK, where growth has slowed more noticeably due to spillovers from the Russia-Ukraine war and energy cost pressures. This has led investors to believe that US rates will stay higher for longer than the rest of the world. This is now being priced into currency markets and the US dollar has risen significantly against the euro and sterling. While the US is better positioned for now, its consumer and labour markets will be tested against a backdrop of global slowdown. 

    Oil prices climbed in September on tight supply worries, benefiting the energy sector. Higher crude adds inflation pressures, complicating central banks' aim to cool prices. Lower OPEC output and uncertainty over a proposed Western price cap on Russian oil have fuelled supply constraints. Meanwhile, demand remains solid despite economic headwinds. The increase in oil prices seen over the past few months highlights the complex interplay between geopolitics, supply dynamics, and market forces that impact commodity prices. 

    Equities declined in September, led by large technology shares, capping a painful third quarter. However, stocks could rebound if upcoming third quarter earnings confirm stability in corporate margins amid weak but still positive earnings growth. Valuations have moderated and improving trends in key sectors could lift sentiment while waiting for a rebound in cyclicals. Investors will be watching earnings closely to gauge the resilience of corporate profits in the face of rising risks. 

    Government and corporate bonds declined as rising yields hurt bond prices. Yields are unlikely to fall substantially until core-inflation (inflation ex-food and energy) declines meaningfully. While rate cuts may still be a way off, policy actions mitigate inflation risks and support bond prices. For multi-asset investors bonds can play an important role in portfolios, offering returns and diversification. 

    Navigating markets remains challenging as central banks combat high inflation, but risks of a severe global downturn have diminished. Equity markets have repriced significantly, reducing overvaluation. We are concerned about China's slowdown, but global growth should find a floor eventually. Our equity allocation emphasises quality companies with pricing power and stable margins. In fixed income, neutral duration provides stability amid rising recession worries. Portfolios are diversified across assets and geographies to withstand volatility. We are monitoring risks closely and can get more defensive if conditions deteriorate materially. Overall, staying invested in a balanced, diversified portfolio gives investors the best chance of participating when the clouds clear. 

    The Long-term view 

    The past few years, beset as they have been with crises, have led many people to question whether markets will ever return to winning ways. 

    But despite pandemics, wars and inflationary surges the long-term case for making strong returns over the next decade remains intact. It is built on one central thing; the capacity of humans to build an ever more productive economy.  This is because it is improving productivity that powers economic growth. In the words of economist Paul Krugman it isn’t everything but ‘it is almost everything.’ 

    So, to believe that equities will trend upwards over the long-term we must believe that our economy will carry on becoming more productive. Crucially, after major crises there will always be powerful voices who will argue that the productivity gains of the past cannot be repeated. It is after all far easier to look backwards at the productivity gains of the computer or the motor car and see how it has transformed the economy, than it is to look ahead at an only just emerging technology like artificial intelligence and believe that its impact could be as large.  

    The same problem of failing to really believe that each new wave of technological innovation can be as great as the past wave has plagued economists for generations. In the words of Bank of Italy economist Patrizio Pagana ‘in retrospect it emerges that pessimistic predictions were wrong neither because they were built on erroneous theories or data, nor because they failed to predict new technologies, but because they underestimated the potential of the technologies that already existed.’ 

    Technology is a powerful driver of productivity because it increases what economists call ‘total factor productivity’ that typically delivers around half of all productivity growth. This is, in essence, a measure of how much more valuable the things coming out of the end of an economy are than the things going in the front. For example, a man attempting to build a rabbit hutch with a perfectly good pile of wood and failing, leaving only a pile of broken and butchered wood on the floor, would have a negative total factor productivity. A skilled carpenter who turned the wood into a beautiful rabbit hutch would have positive. Technology improves the ability for ordinary people to take the inputs of an economy and make them more valuable. 

    The next decade could be the period of the most rapid productivity growth since the early 1990s when the personal computer arrived. Goldman Sachs estimates that by 2030 global productivity will be improving by 1.5% a year due to artificial intelligence. This is massive by economic standards and offers compelling long-term opportunities for investors. 

    We of course continue to monitorglobal economies and financial markets.  

    You will be aware that the last years have been challenging but we remain optimistic that is light at the end of a very long tunnel. 

     As always please let me know if there are any queries or comments. 

    Parry Leggett Dip PFS EFA  


  • 10 October 2023 1:33 PM | Anonymous

    Safe in Sussex announce Big Give Women & Girls Match Fund Campaign!

    We’re excited to let you know that Safe in Sussex has been selected to participate in the Big Give Women and Girls Match Fund campaign in October.

    We’ll be raising money to assist with the expansion of our community groups to new venues in West Sussex, enabling us to support more women in safe, non-judgemental environments with qualified and experienced staff who are licenced to deliver our programmes.  We don’t receive any specific funding for our community groups but, as you can see from the quotes below from people who have attended, the impact they have is huge.

    “I feel less alone and isolated, knowing others have had similar experiences and it was great to talk with people who understood.”

    “It has made me realise that there was nothing wrong with me. The relief I now feel is unbelievable.”

    “My confidence and self-esteem is improving every day. … I now know there was nothing wrong with me and nothing was in my head. I cannot wait to move forward with my life knowing what I know now and not constantly blaming myself.”

    Donations to this project will be matched for 7 days from midday 12pm (midday) on Wednesday 11th October to 12pm on Wednesday 18th October.

    One donation, twice the impact.

    What happens during the campaign?

    Donations made to our project via will be doubled during the campaign. If you’d like to support our work this year, we highly recommend doing so during the Women and Girls Match Fund when your donation will be doubled and make even more of a difference to us. We’re looking to raise £5,000 and in order to reach the £5,000 target, we need to raise £2,500 through online donations. 

    What do I need to do?

    ·         Add a calendar reminder to your diary for midday in Wednesday 11th October – midday on Wednesday 18th October including this link (shortened link:
    ·         Have your 3D secure card details ready when you make your donation.

  • 06 October 2023 11:59 AM | Lauren Martin-Grieveson (Administrator)

    Adur & Worthing Business Awards 2023 Shortlist Announced! 

    We'd like to say a huge congratulations to all of our amazing members who have been shortlisted to win an Adur & Worthing Business Award - what a fantastic achievement! 

    The Chamber Team are looking forward to celebrating with you at the Awards Ceremony!

    We wish you all the very best of luck!  

    Best Drink - Sponsored by Bennett Griffin LLP

    • Blend Coffee Co.
    • Coffee me
    • Jones Coffee Co.
    • O’Connor’s on Warwick Street
    • The Brooksteed

    Best Food - Sponsored by Worthing Gin

    • Ami Bistro
    • Casa Ciro
    • CrabShack
    • Donchevi Kitchen & Bar
    • Johnny Stanford – Tern Restaurant

    Building & Construction - Sponsored by Gardner & Scardifield Ltd

    • ColourFull Kitchens Ltd
    • Julian Church & Associates Ltd
    • Kilfords Ltd
    • Shear Architectural Design Ltd
    • Triad Timber Components Ltd

    Business in the Community - Sponsored by Egalite Care Ltd

    • James & James Estate Agents
    • Julian Church & Associates Ltd
    • Scorpio Digital
    • Sussex Pond Doctor
    • Waitrose & Partners Worthing

    Business Personality - Sponsored by AD Fuels Ltd

    Announced on the night!

    Customer Service - Sponsored by Worthing & Adur Chamber of Commerce

    • Athena Collections Ltd
    • Brown’s Natural Pet Store
    • Dave Brown & Son Butchers
    • Shear Architectural Design Ltd
    • Sussex Pond Doctor

    Hospitality Tourism & Leisure - Sponsored by Adur & Worthing Councils

    • Art-ful Pottery Café
    • Long Furlong Barn
    • Our Hope Hive
    • Ropetackle Arts Centre
    • The Barn Caravan Park

    Innovation - Sponsored by Kreston Reeves

    • Ashes to Blooms
    • Cedar Electric
    • Flare Audio
    • TellJo
    • The Sid Youth CIC

    Large Business - Sponsored by South Downs Leisure

    • Bennett Griffin
    • Bird & Blend Tea Co.
    • FermionX Group Ltd
    • Gardner & Scardifield
    • Piglets Pantry

    Manufacturing & Engineering - Sponsored by Carpenter Box

    • FermionX Group Ltd
    • Gemini Print Group
    • Love Metal Fabrications Ltd
    • Piglets Pantry

    Medium Business - Sponsored by Pyroban Ltd

    • AD Fuels Ltd
    • CrabShack
    • Flare Audio
    • OSAM Websites

    Outstanding Contribution to Business – Sponsored by The Martlet Partnership LLP

    Announced on the night!

    Retailer - Sponsored by Flare Audio

    • Dave Brown & Son Butchers
    • Gigglewick Gallery
    • Greenfingers Florist
    • Real Patisserie Ltd
    • The Fabric Shop Ltd

    Small Business - Sponsored by AWBP

    • Art-ful Pottery Café
    • GoGecko Recruitment
    • Rose Petal Cake Company Ltd
    • Tamazi Fulfilment
    • Tiger Marketing

    Start-Up Business - Sponsored by Warnes Projects Ltd

    • Justice & Co Commercial Ltd
    • Kalm Horizons
    • Nails by Charley
    • Studio Hummingbird
    • Toybox Café

    Sustainable Business - Sponsored by QED Sustainable Urban Developments Ltd

    • Ashes to Blooms
    • Country Lodge Nursing Home
    • Shoreham Port
    • Tamazi Fulfilment

    Training & Development - Sponsored by ETI Ltd

    • AD Fuels Ltd
    • Gardner & Scardifield
    • OSAM Websites
    • The Skill Mill West Sussex
    • West End Theatre Academy

    Young Achiever - Sponsored by Nordell Ltd

    • Alanya Christie – Gardner & Scardifield
    • Esme Wakeford – Inside Publications
    • Kelsey Sanders – Flux Piercing Studio
    • Mo-Jo Laughlin – Gemini Print
    • Rhianna Clavering – GoGecko Recruitment

    Overall Business – Sponsored by JSPC Computer Services Ltd

    Announced on the night!

  • 04 October 2023 10:59 AM | Anonymous

    Brand new tea offer from Bird & Blend Tea Co.

    We have a brand new tea offer! Our mobile tea experience van 'Birdie' is now available for private hire such as corporate events, weddings, welcome drinks, parties, conferences & team days! 

    Since June of this year we've been trialling Birdie at various music festivals, events & private parties and we're now ready to up our game and spread the word about this very different & exciting kind of drinks experience to WOW your guests, your clients or your team. 

    This past summer we traded at:

    Love Supreme
    Truck Fest
    Boomtown Festival
    Shambala Festival

    We recently attended freshers fairs at both universities in Brighton and we’ve done our first corporate team day too!

    We can do hot cuppas of our award-winning tea blends, iced teas & specialty matchas or tea cocktails/mocktails to set the scene for a fabulous party or event. 

    We’ll work with you to tailor your drinks menu for your wedding guests, clients & team members. We've got some great ideas & are open to new ones too! 

    Get in touch with our Brand Innovation Exec Meg Fenn on to chat about your event. Meg will be happy to discuss a W&A Chamber rate for fellow chamber members too.

    About Bird & Blend Tea Co.

    Bird & Blend are tea blending experts (AKA tea mixologists) with over 100 blends, special seasonal teas & matcha on the Bird & Blend famous Tea Wall. Customers have described the company as Tea Magicians! Tea is the TEAm’s passion and whether you’re browsing the website, chatting to our customer experience experts on social media or popping into one of our 17 stores across the UK, Bird & Blend will help you explore the magical world of tea!

  • 03 October 2023 1:45 PM | Anonymous

    Can you offer your feedback on WSCC Active Travel Strategy?

    Public consultation has begun on the future of active travel in West Sussex. The proposals that are being put forward set out how we can deliver improved walking, wheeling and cycling facilities across the county.

    We are seeking your feedback on two important documents related to the way that we travel:  

    • Our draft Active Travel Strategy, which sets out our vision and goals for active travel in the county for the next decade and beyond.  
    • Our draft Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP), which identifies key locations where WSCC wants to invest in active travel.   

    Have your say

    You can find out more about the suggested improvements by visiting the project’s website:

    On the website you can read the draft Active Travel Strategy and LCWIP in full and have your say by completing a survey. The survey closes on 15 November 2023.

    We would like to gain as many responses as possible, so please share details of these proposals through your networks. Your feedback is vital in shaping the final versions of the Active Travel Strategy and LCWIP, which are expected to be published in early 2024.

    If you would like any of the materials in alternative formats, or have any questions, please email us at or by telephone on 01243 642105 and we will do our best to assist you. If you are deaf or hard of hearing and have an NGT texting app installed on your computer, laptop or smartphone, you can contact us on 18001 (01243 642105).


    Active Travel Team

    West Sussex County Council

  • 03 October 2023 10:22 AM | Anonymous

    Is your Business registered with the ICO?

    How spending £35 can save you £4350

    Since 2018 the Information Commissioners Office “ICO” has been issuing penalties up to £4350 to SME’s for failing to register their business on their website. The Data Protection Act was updated in 2018 making it mandatory for any UK trading business of any size which held personal data to register their company name and address confirming adherence to the Act. Any business failing to do this is breaking the law.

    ICO now employs over 600 staff full time to identify and penalise offenders, many of whom are publicly named and shamed on the ICO website.

    It took me 15 minutes to register my micro business and pay £35. In exchange I was given full guidance on how to protect my data and report breaches by third parties. A fair trade! I’ve since reported third parties who have illegally copied my details from other public websites such as linkedin and trade bodies and tried to sell them. So this system is not just another tax, it actually protects my business. You can then add your registration certificates to your website to prove you trade responsibly eg

    You can also access 24/7 free short tuition videos on wider IP protection for business continuity at  If you’d like to know more about protecting your data or intellectual property just give me a call on 07973 799153. 

    Clive Bonny at Strategic Management Partners

  • 28 September 2023 11:55 AM | Anonymous

    Sussex Transport Sponsor Worthing FC Stadium

    The 2-year agreement will bring onboard a successful local family business, with four sporting brothers born and raised in Worthing. Sussex Transport have an outstanding reputation and are an excellent local employer. From the start of the new season, the Club’s stadium will be renamed as The Sussex Transport Community Stadium to cement this partnership.

    General Manager of the Club, Keith Mitchell said “This is yet another statement of intent from the club about securing both our current and long-term standing within the community. Sussex Transport and ST Containers have had a long and sustained association with the club and this agreement takes that partnership to another level”.

    He went on to comment “The club are thrilled to have a successful local business with a genuine passion for the football club commit their ongoing support to our growth off the pitch, and thus enable our continued development on the pitch”.

    st stadium announcement 1280x720

    Damian Pulford, Sussex Transport MD said “Sport is in our name and in our DNA and as fans of the club we are delighted to add our company support too. As an employer invested in workplace and community wellbeing, we look forward to the community benefits this partnership will develop”.

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